E-mail Systems

E-mail plays a critical role in all aspects of business today. It’s perhaps your most important IT solution, and investment.

Whether you’re looking to wean yourself off a POP3 server, subscribe to cloud-based services like Gmail, implement a Zimbra Open Source cloud based  email system, or simply receive support for your Open Source system, Nulegend Solutions is the ideal partner. We help Charlotte area businesses, from Rock Hill, SC to Columbia, SC, construct new e-mail solutions or maintain and upgrade their existing e-mail infrastructure.

Rather than just providing standalone recommendations, we work with you and all key members of your business to determine your specific e-mail requirements. We explain the different benefits and costs associated with each new solution we propose. We don’t favor any one offering; we critically examine your business, the best practices of your team, your organization’s behavior, and make highly considered recommendations from there. Save 50% to 60% over your current legacy email system.

If we choose to migrate your e-mail data to a new server environment, you can rest assured that your old information will be transferred effectively and that your new e-mail system will operate efficiently after the switch. We’re also very cognizant of the impact downtime can have on your business, and in most cases, we’re able to perform e-mail migrations over the weekend and after hours to ensure that you don’t loose any productivity.

More information on Zimbra solution click here.

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